i’m marissa

i started this little blog of mine in 2018 as an outlet for thoughts, anxieties, moments, memories, photos, and everything else. this space is where i share bits and pieces of my crazy little life, and i’m excited to share it with all of you.

a bit about me: i’m living in new york city, learning a lot about myself, meeting some really cool people, and figuring out who i want to be one day.

i grew up in michigan, and that’ll always be my home. i also knew that my next chapter would take me to new york city, so here i am. i studied in michigan, and received my b.b.a. in management and international business, and i plan to use that in a lot of pretty cool ways.

i’ve also seen a bit of the world so far, but i’m hoping to see a lot more of it in this lifetime, as traveling is something that fuels me.

with all of that being said, grab a cup of coffee, and take a read around. i’m happy you’re here! xo, marissa